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A couple reviews of Resonant Bodies, 2/18/11

15 Mar

Thought it would be appropriate to publish some reviews of our last show in February.

Here’s one by critic Eric R. Danton on his Soundcheck blog for the Hartford Courant.

And here’s one by our friend Anne Rhodes in New Haven on her blog SoundRat.


Levy Lorenzo’s Improvisation for Teacups and Light

8 Mar

Here’s a preview of one of the works that will be heard on the March 18 concert. Composer and performer Levy Lorenzo says the following about his work:

As a musician and engineer, I seek to use technology to build true musical instruments that will allow new forms of human musical expression in live performance.

This piece is solo improvisation with an instrument that I built which uses 2 Teacups, Light and Electronics. The Left Teacup controls volume and envelope, the Right Teacup controls pitch, and the orientation of the Teacup Platform with respect to the front facing light controls rhythm. Data is produced by light sensors located under the upside-down Teacups, as well at the sides of the Teacup Platform. This data then passes through a hardware interface (MakeController) to software (MAX/MSP) where the audio parameters are digitally manipulated.

I have extensively practiced this instrument and performed improvisations in both solo and chamber concert settings. As one of many experiments to come in the philosophical and technical research of new musical instrument design, it has been successful in that I feel a strong connection between the teacup technique and sounds that I want to create.

March 18 Concert Announced

2 Mar

Program 2 – From Light into Darkness

photo: Michael Shane

The second concert of the Hartford New Music Festival includes works concerned with light and darkness, as well as the exploration of sound through electronics and extended instrumental and vocal techniques.

This program takes place on March 18 at 7:30pm at The Studio@Billing’s Forge, 563 Broad St, Hartford, CT 06106. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door:


Paramecium III (2010) for solo tuba and electronics by Benjamin J. Mansavage Klein

performed by composer

torsion (2003/5) for solo bassoon and tape by Olga Neuwirth

Jon Stehney, bassoon

59 ½” for a string player (1953) by John Cage

Robert Black, double bass

Paint It Black (1988) for solo double bass by Michael Gordon

Robert Black, double bass

Improvisation for Teacups and Light (2009) for solo live electronics by Levy Lorenzo

performed by the composer

Where/When (2010) for FM Koala and bassoon by Levy Lorenzo and Jon Stehney

performed by composers

For Andie Springer Showing the Form of a Melody, “Standing in the Shadows” by Robert Ashley (2010) for violin and guitar by Robert Ashley

Andie Springer, violin and James Moore, guitar

Scenes from Nek Chand (2001/2) for just intonation national steel string guitar by Lou Harrison

James Moore, guitar

Jabberwocky (1990) for voice and percussion by Susan Botti, poem by Lewis Carroll

Lauretta Pope, vocal/actor and Bill Solomon, percussion

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