Festival Program

3 May

Since the program is going to run about 3.5 hrs, here’s a general schedule of when the pieces will be happening (although of course please allow a little flexibility as things might be early/late). Audience members are welcome to come watch as much or little of the program as they’d like.

2 pm

Phantasy for oboe and English horn (2011) Feng-Hsu Lee

Oboe Duo Agosto
Ling-Fei Kang and Charles Huang, oboe/English horn

Charles Curtis for cello and electronics (2002) Alvin Lucier

Jessie Marino, cello

Selections from Hollywood Liederbuch (1943) Hanns Eisler (1898-1962)

An den kleinen Radioapparat
Über den Selbsmort
Hotelzimmer 1942
L’automme californien

Peppermill Songs (2010) Kirsten Volness

Frau X
Mann der Stunde

Darren Chase, tenor, Jessica Goldring, soprano, Lauretta Pope, soprano, Bill Solomon, piano

Memory Palace for percussion solo (2012) Chris Cerrone

I. Harriman
II. Power Lines

Owen Weaver, percussion

3 pm

Cello Peace for electronic cello and 4-channel playback system (2002) Cenk Ergün

Jeffrey Krieger, electric cello

John Cage Musicircus

All pieces will be performed simultaneously

Atlas Eclipticalis (1962) John Cage (1912-1992)
Ensemble 016
Sarah Washburn, violin, Laura Krentzman, viola, Emily Wolfram, cello, Jared Gardner, double bass, Ling-Fei Kang, oboe, Sheri Brown, saxophone, Dave Perkins, trumpet, Jordan Jacobson, trombone, Erberk Eryilmaz, piano, Mike Anderson, percussion

Suite for Toy Piano (1948) John Cage
Bill Solomon, toy piano

Solo for Voice 52 (Aria no. 2) (1970) John Cage
Anne Rhodes, soprano

Solo for Voice 6, 32, 10, 44 and 57 (1970) John Cage
Lauretta Pope, actor

Experiences no. 2 (1948) John Cage
A Flower (1950) John Cage
Steven Serpa, countertenor

Selections from 45’ for a speaker (1954) John Cage
David Macbride, Brian Cook, speakers

One7 (1991) John Cage
Nathan Bontrager, cello

4 pm

Earth: Summer 2011 (2011) Todd Merrell

New Work (2012) Todd Merrell

Todd Merrell, electronics

Wind Quintet no. 2, “Bird of Guandu” (2009) Robert Carl


I. Sunrise Invocation
II. Aviary
III. Sunset Blessing

Thiago Sousa, flute, Charles Huang, oboe, Alex Kollias, clarinet, Thea Groth, bassoon, Adam Schommer, horn

Compositions 256 and 307 Anthony Braxton

Anne Rhodes, soprano, Johnny Rogers, wineglasses, Maura Valenti, harp

no where I’m bound for electronics (2012) Matt Sargent

5 pm

13 ½ (2012) Marc Burns


Junko Simons, cello/voice, Kit Demos, bass/voice, Gene Baker, trumpet/voice, Ben Klein, percussion/voice, Marc Burns, keyboards/voice

Embroidery for small ensemble (2012) Anne Rhodes


Ben Klein, tuba, Nathan Bontrager, cello, Libby van Cleve, oboe, Maura Valenti, harp, Carl Testa, bass, Bill Solomon, percussion, Anne Rhodes, voice


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