Sound and video art at HNMF

3 May

In addition to all the wonderful performances that we have scheduled, we also have several audio and video artists presenting work around Charter Oak Cultural Center, including Lief Ellis, Scott Comanzo and Brian Cook. Also featured will be a video/sound project by Gene Gort, Ken Steen and NewMediaNewMusicNewEnglad in the downstairs gallery. Audiences will be inviting to explore these various pieces during the concert, as well as before and after the festival. Here’s Gene Gort telling us more about NMNME’s project What If?:

What If? 60x60x60

 “What If?” is a project designed and curated by media artist, Gene Gort and composer/sound artist, Ken Steen of NewMediaNewMusicNewEngland. The project uses 60 video clips and 60 sound compositions that are 60 seconds in duration each and pairs them randomly using a Cageian model of indeterminacy with 3600 potential variations. Each 60 second work is self-contained and can be experienced independently. What If? investigates the serendipitous relationship of sound and moving image in terms of coincidence, shifting context and potential meanings that result.

The screening for the Hartford New Music Festival 2012 is a newly generated random set of 60 pairings shown on a loop throughout the duration of the festival. To experience the full scope of the project visit the website and try it yourself.

— Gene Gort


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