2013 Hartford New Music Festival Program Schedule

2 Aug

All concerts presented free of charge


Friday, October 11th, 2013
Charter Oak Cultural Center, 8:00 pm FREE

Sacre du Automne: 016 New Music Ensemble

Crusher for Guitar and Piano
Michael Schelle, U.S. premiere

Additional selections to feature Neely Bruce, Michael Schelle and local composers.

016 is a new music ensemble based in Hartford, CT. Why 016? The name is a reference to the threenote cell perhaps better known as {0,1,6} in musical set theory, a three-note cell common in a great deal of
twentieth century music. We are, in fact, dedicated to performing the works of contemporary composers in the
classical music tradition. The Ensemble has been chosen to represent an equal representation of our resident
composers as an introduction via chamber music as well as highlighting Hartford’s local composers.


Sunday, October 13th, 2013
Charter Oak Cultural Center, 12pm – 11:59pm One Man Marathon Concert FREE

Kevin Good plays the Indy Avant Garde: Michael Schelle Progeny Concert

Racing with Rabbits
Michael Schelle

Meticulous (…comfort…)
Max Wanderman, world premiere

Box Piece
Meredith Gilna

This is Not A Drum
Joshua Morris

The Inevitable Sum of What Life has Done to Me
Scott Comanzo, world premiere

Grig no. 4
Zane Merritt, world premiere

To Bono, With Love
Matthew Kennedy, world premiere

blocks (or bricks)
Brooks Frederickson, world premiere

Kevin Good is a percussionist/composer based in the Hartford area who specializes in interdisciplinary performance art. In his most grueling challenge to date he will perform a marathon concert/fast at the Charter Oak Cultural Center Gallery, multi-tasking an homage to the New York Armory show of 1913, the 50th anniversary of fluxus and Michael Schelle’s passion for teaching young composers to experiment and go “off the charts.” Along with our 1913 anniversary, 2013 is also the anniversary of the Fluxus Manifesto written by George Maciunas. Seven young professionals and former students of Michael Schelle from Hartford and around the country have contributed pieces of music that will stretch your imagination in an homage to the spirit of 1913 and the spirit of Fluxus that has been lost in the art and culture of present day United States.


Thursday, October 17th, 2013
Charter Oak Cultural Center, 7:30 pm FREE


I wanted to destroy something beautiful
Dan Morel, world premiere

Claude Debussy

Through the Bright Lights of Hell
Michael Schelle, world premiere

The first world premiere from our resident composers performed by combined ensembles The Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra and The Generous Ensemble comes from Michael Schelle, accompanied by a world premiere for the Generous Ensemble written by Hartford resident Dan Morel, and from the year 1913 a ground breaking solo flute piece by Debussy performed by the Generous Ensemble’s Mary Matthews.

Friday, October 18th, 2013
Trinity College Chapel, 8:00 pm

(not) The Third Viennese School: Neely Bruce Progeny Concert

compositions by Wesleyan alumni who worked with Neely Bruce

Gathering Light
Benjamin Broening

Edward Jessen

Theme and Mutations
Brett Terry

The Lonely Chant
Walter Frank

From the Diary of an Organaut
Keith Moore

Aurora Borealis
Liang Liang


Judy Dunaway

Solo organ work TBA
Brian Parks

Chris McDonald

Two movements from Garden
Chris Jonas

This Concert Features The West End String Quartet

Benjamin Broening, Chair, Music Department, University of Richmond (B.A. Wesleyan, late 80’s)

Edward Jessen, Professor of Composition, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music (M.A. Wesleyan, late 90’s)

Brett Terry, Principal Analyst, Sonanalysts Inc., Waterford, CT (B.A. Wesleyan, late 80’s)

Walter Frank, a native of Argentina. Teaches music at various schools in Buenos Aires (M.A. Wesleyan, early 2000’s)

Keith Moore, Profesor of Theory and Composition, University of Indianapolis, Athens (Greece) Campus (M.A. Wesleyan, early 90’s)

Liang Liang, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Texas Austin (M.A. Wesleyan, late 90’s)

Judy Dunaway, Visiting Lecturer, Massuchusetts College of Art, Boston (M.A. Wesleyan, late 90’s)

Brian Parks, Instructor, Naugatuck Valley Community College. Director of Music, First Church of Church Congregational, Suffield, CT (two M.A.’s Wesleyan, 2010, 2013)

Chris McDonald, Freelance Music Producer and Visual Artist (B.A. Wesleyan, 2006)

Chris Jonas, Founding Director, Littleglobe (M.A. Wesleyan, early 90’s)

Neely Bruce’s influence on the musical life of Central Connecticut is often overlooked as his students have traveled and settled around the world. This second progeny concert of the festival once again features the craft passed down and extreme variation of musical expression in a unique performance space of the Trinity College Chapel.


Saturday, October 19th, 2013
Charter Oak Cultural Center, 7:30 pm FREE


The Unanswered Question
Charles Ives

The Spite of Thokk
Lief Ellis

Antiphonies for Charlie
Neely Bruce, world premiere

The second world premiere from our resident composers performed by combined ensembles The Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra and The Generous Ensemble comes from Neely Bruce, accompanied by a 1913-era piece by the focus of Neely Bruce’s piece – Charles Ives – and a solo Bass piece written by Hartford resident Lief Ellis performed by the Generous Ensemble’s Evan Runyon.

Sunday, October 20th, 2013
The Connecticut Historical Society, 2:30 pm FREE

The Finale IS the Encore

Antiphonies for Charlie
Neely Bruce

Through the Bright Lights of Hell
Michael Schelle

A final opportunity to hear these Pulitzer-worthy new works by the most exciting composers of their generation who have generously graced Hartford with their immense talents and transformative music.


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