4 Feb

Deadline for submissions:  March 19th 2014

Audio and Video for the Hartford New Music Festival’s Natural Tendencies Exhibition

Audio and Video shorts will be presented in the main gallery of the Charter Oak Cultural Center.  The installation will feature works from composers and video arts from across the New England area.  The installation is part of the Natural Tendencies concert series of the 2014Hartford New Music Festival.  The installation will run from Monday April 21st until Saturday April 26th.  During this week it will be open to the public.

Time-based material only: Please do not send still images or images of artwork.

The two themes: All material should be related, in some way, to nature or the environment in general.  These themes can be interpreted very broadly. Don’t feel you have to take these themes too literally. Your work can be related to the urban environment as well as a variety of aspects of nature.

Criteria: We will select material that is in the spirit of the project: altered or processed views of the environment and nature (including human nature, animal behavior, etc.) will be given priority.  Works that have a unique expressive voice will also be given due attention.

Honorarium: There is no financial compensation for involvement in the installation.  Proper and prominent credit will be given to all artists including any web-links you would like us to include.

Length of submissions: from 10 seconds to 10 minutes per piece. Please send multiple entries.  We anticipate accepting multiple entries from one person or group. (These time requirements are approximate only; we are flexible.)

Credit line: Identify yourself as the creator by including your name exactly how you want it listed and (if you like) a web address where people can see more of your work.


as AIFF or WAV files.
Video (without audio):
as Quicktime files.

Files, ideally, should be sent through Dropbox (or comparable service, Sync, Box, etc.)

Please send as high quality recordings as you are able to make.

Send entries to:          Lief Ellis

If your work is accepted: you will receive an email notification by April 10th.  Copyright of the material will remain yours.



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