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Purim Party Fundraising Success!

2 Apr



Last month, the Hartford New Music Festival put on a fundraiser in conjunction with the Generous Ensemble. The Purim Party, which included as much hamentashen as you could eat, and manischewitz as you could drink was a huge success. There was a crafts table where you could make your own noise maker for use during the telling of the story of Esther, raffles which included memorabilia from past festivals as well as this one, and several extremely varied renditions of Esther’s tale. Meanwhile the Generous Ensemble improvised to the chaos and sounds of the party. All in all, the Purim Party Fundraiser raised over $500 for the Hartford New Music Festival. If you were there and had a good time, or if you weren’t there and this sounds like a crazy, fun adventure, make sure you come out for the Festival concerts starting April 19th!

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